List of Deities

Better Known Deities

The Elder God: God of the stars.
Solan: God of day.
Lyranna: Goddess of night.
Pyron: God of fire.
Hydrana: Goddess of water.
Terros: God of earth.
Nilanda: Goddess of air.
Kani: Goddess of life and healing.
Batesh: God of war and death.
Chronas: Goddess of Time. Daughter of The Elder God.

Lesser Known Deities

Mynweth: Goddess of knowledge

Other Deities

There are many other gods and goddesses in existence, than those listed here. (This means that if you want to create a new deity and introduce it to the world, you are free to do so.)

Origin of Deities

Aside from The Elder God and Chronas who exist independently, deities are believed into being. Their power and even their very being is derived by the faith and beliefs of their followers.


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