Nahylia (Barony)

Nahylia, not to be confused with Baron and Baroness Nahylia, is one of the seven baronies that make up the Kingdom of Elderwood. As with all of the other baronies in Elderwood, the name of the barony is the same as the surname of its baron or baroness.

The noble family of Nahylia has controlled the barony for over three hundred years.

Current Events

After the death of King Zharra, Nahylia was the only of one the seven baronies to openly oppose and condemn Baron Thirril Blacknot’s attempt to usurp the throne of Elderwood and install himself as Steward.


All guards, official documents, and standards belonging to the barony of Nahylia are emblazoned with the symbol of the rose. Rumor has it that Baron Nahylia decreed this to please his wife, whose favorite flower is the rose, but those with long memories may care to note that the rose was the symbol of the barony when the current Baron’s mother was the Baroness. A similar rumor circulated then too, making the rumor more tradition than anything else.

Notable People

The barony of Nahylia is the home of Din Nahylia, a paladin of Kani and daughter of Baron and Baroness Nahylia.


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